Residential Review: Lane County, Oregon  February 2019 Reporting Period February Residential Highlights Closed sales saw the sole gain this February in Lane County. At 288, closings outpaced January 2019 (279) by 3.2%, despite falling 2.4% short of the 295 closings recorded last year in February 2018. New listings, at 329, cooled 11.6% from February 2018 (372) and 11.3% from January 2019 (371). This was the coolest February for new listings on the RMLS™ record, dating to 2001. Pending sales (308) cooled 21.4% compared with February 2018 (392) and 11.2% compared with January 2019 (347).

This was the coolest February for accepted offers in Lane County since 2014, when 254 pending sales were recorded for the month. Total market time rose by four days in February to 66 days. In the same period, inventory decreased slightly to 2.0 months. Average and Median Sale Prices Comparing the average price of homes ending February 28th of this year ($311,000) with the average price of homes sold in the twelve months ending February 2018 ($290,400) shows an increase of 7.1%. The same comparison of the median shows an increase of 7.5% over the same period